Welcome to an oral tradition where the stories of yoga come alive! We will enter into the conversations of yoga through the lens of the Rajanaka Tantra, an evolving yoga that invites you to love your life by cultivating virtuosity and vulnerability. Through myth and the embodied practices of asana and puja, we will encounter ourselves in thought, feelings and behaviors toward engaging life more deeply. Sarah and Zhenja each bring a wealth of yoga expertise informed by a decade of study with Douglas Brooks, Rajanaka Yoga's bard.


Course Structure
5 Modules
(51% philosophy, 49% asana, 5% more)
Each module includes 3 days (15 hours) of storytelling, conversation and asana practice. In addition, Sarah and Zhenja will teach the core elements of Rajanaka puja (ritual practice), including meditation, mantra and mudra. Supplemental online materials and lectures, and an online discussion group will provide background and continuation to each module.

Schedule and Logistics
Fridays, 12 PM - 3 PM, 5 PM - 8 PM
Saturdays, 10AM - 1PM, 3-6 PM
Sundays, 10 AM - 1 PM

Make your commitment:
$350/weekend; $1000/3; $1500/5
Space is limited to 18 students.
Registration deadline February 1st

We are excited to talk with you more about how this project can support you in your yoga journey. Please contact Sarah or Zhenja directly to discuss any questions you may have or to register at sarahcfaircloth@gmail.com or zhenjalarosa@gmail.com.

Travel and Homestay
Charlotte and Philadelphia are an easy, 90-minute non-stop flight apart. Make your airline reservations early for best fares! One of the best ways to enhance your experience is to stay with a local community member.

If you'd like a homestay opportunity, email Sarah for a stay in Charlotte or Zhenja for a stay in Philadelphia.


Module 1
Agni: The Fire Offering
March 20-22 - Charlotte, NC

Listen to the stories older than yoga, the stories that we as humans must tell to make meaning in a chaotic world. We will locate the Rajanaka within the Indian tradition to see how it emerges from origins in the Vedas and evolves through the worlds of yoga. We will lay the foundations of ritual (puja) that are the core of Rajanaka practice and overlay them onto our asana practice.

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Module 2
Ganapati: Breaking Coconuts
May 1-3 - Philadelphia, PA

When we get to Ganapati, we know we have reached a threshold: elephant and human, masculine and feminine, he invites us to the ease of being at home in all aspects of ourselves. Enter into the rich lore of Ganapati, who shows us ourselves as both broken and perfect, even in our brokenness.

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Module 3
Lalita: Adorning the Everyday
June 5-7 (Charlotte, NC)
OR June 12-14 (Philadelphia, PA)

What makes a goddess-centered yoga? A world in which lila (randomness) is just as real as karma (causality) is one that can't be mastered or solved; rather, it invites us to the very vulnerable possibility of receiving the world just as it is. Lalita, the playful one, gives us a yoga of abundance, a practice for making beauty, and a strategy for savoring life in just such a world.

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Module 4
Nataraja: Enter the Temple
July 31-August 2 - Charlotte, NC

At the heart of the Rajanaka is the mythology and temple culture surrounding Nataraja, the dancing Shiva who is the refined artist, the most extended self. In this weekend, you will journey into Nataraja's temple in and as your own body and awareness. We'll give you the stories that take you to the forest, the map of the Shri Yantra, and the codes of mantra that open the gates.

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Module 5
Kali: The Black Wall
October 23-25 - Philadelphia, PA

Kali, as time, death and darkness, draws us to our most natural selves. We will travel through our deepest wishes, secrets and wounds to get all the way to the core of our being, the pulse of affirmation and aversion. It's a weekend of unraveling to the place where you are completely held in her as Ma.

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